Source code for pyproj._show_versions

Utility methods to print system info for debugging

adapted from :func:`sklearn.utils._show_versions`
which was adapted from :func:`pandas.show_versions`
import importlib
import platform
import sys

def _get_sys_info():
    """System information
    sys_info : dict
        system and Python version information
    blob = [
        ("python", sys.version.replace("\n", " ")),
        ("executable", sys.executable),
        ("machine", platform.platform()),

    return dict(blob)

def _get_proj_info():
    """Information on system PROJ

    proj_info: dict
        system PROJ information
    import pyproj
    from pyproj.exceptions import DataDirError

        data_dir = pyproj.datadir.get_data_dir()
    except DataDirError:
        data_dir = None

    blob = [
        ("pyproj", pyproj.__version__),
        ("PROJ", pyproj.__proj_version__),
        ("data dir", data_dir),
        ("user_data_dir", pyproj.datadir.get_user_data_dir()),

    return dict(blob)

def _get_deps_info():
    """Overview of the installed version of main dependencies
    deps_info: dict
        version information on relevant Python libraries
    deps = ["certifi", "pip", "setuptools", "Cython"]

    def get_version(module):
            return module.__version__
        except AttributeError:
            return module.version

    deps_info = {}

    for modname in deps:
            if modname in sys.modules:
                mod = sys.modules[modname]
                mod = importlib.import_module(modname)
            ver = get_version(mod)
            deps_info[modname] = ver
        except ImportError:
            deps_info[modname] = None

    return deps_info

def _print_info_dict(info_dict):
    """Print the information dictionary"""
    for key, stat in info_dict.items():
        print(f"{key:>10}: {stat}")

[docs]def show_versions(): """ .. versionadded:: 2.2.1 Print useful debugging information Example ------- > python -c "import pyproj; pyproj.show_versions()" """ print("pyproj info:") _print_info_dict(_get_proj_info()) print("\nSystem:") _print_info_dict(_get_sys_info()) print("\nPython deps:") _print_info_dict(_get_deps_info())