The easiest methods for installing pyproj are:

  1. Use pip to install the binary wheels on PyPI:

pip install pyproj
  1. Use conda with the conda-forge channel:

conda install -c conda-forge pyproj

If these installation methods do not meet your needs, the section below provides further instructions for getting setup.

Installing from source

Setup PROJ

PROJ 6.1.0 is required when building from source. You can download PROJ from or from Installation instructions can be fount at

In the, the order for searching for PROJ is:

  1. The PROJ_DIR environment variable

  2. The internal PROJ directory (pyproj/proj_dir)

  3. The proj executable on the PATH.

For best results, set the PROJ_DIR environment variable to point to location of PROJ installation before running

Examples of how to set the PROJ_DIR environment variable:


set PROJ_DIR=C:\OSGeo4W\


export PROJ_DIR=/usr/local

If you have a previous version of PROJ installed alongside the current version of PROJ (6.1.0), the best way to avoid conflicts is to:

  1. Remove the previous PROJ from PATH & unset old PROJ_LIB environment variable (temporarily)

  2. Install PROJ to the internal PROJ directory (pyproj/proj_dir)

  3. Set the environment variable PROJ_DIR to point to the internal PROJ directory

  4. Set the environment variable PROJ_WHEEL=true

  5. Build pyproj

Setup pyproj

The data directory

The order of preference for the data directory is:

  1. The one set by pyproj.datadir.set_data_dir (if exists & valid)

  2. The internal proj directory (if exists & valid)

  3. The directory in PROJ_LIB (if exists & valid)

  4. The directory on the PATH (if exists & valid)

Install pyproj


Cython or pip>=10.0.1 is required for the installation.


You may need to run pip with administrative privileges (e.g. sudo pip) or perform a user only installation (e.g. pip install –user).

From pypi:
pip install pyproj --no-binary
From GitHub with pip:
pip install git+
From cloned GitHub repo for development:
pip install -e .