Sync Transformation Grids


pyproj.sync.get_transform_grid_list(source_id: Optional[str] = None, area_of_use: Optional[str] = None, filename: Optional[str] = None, bbox: Optional[pyproj.aoi.BBox] = None, spatial_test: str = 'intersects', include_world_coverage: bool = True, include_already_downloaded: bool = False, target_directory: Optional[str] = None) Tuple[source]

Get a list of transform grids that can be downloaded.

  • source_id (str, optional) –

  • area_of_use (str, optional) –

  • filename (str, optional) –

  • bbox (BBox, optional) –

  • spatial_test (str, default="intersects") – Can be “contains” or “intersects”.

  • include_world_coverage (bool, default=True) – If True, it will include grids with a global extent.

  • include_already_downloaded (bool, default=False) – If True, it will list grids regardless of if they are downloaded.

  • target_directory (Union[str, Path, None], optional) – The directory to download the geojson file to. Default is the user writable directory.


A list of geojson data of containing information about features that can be downloaded.

Return type

List[Dict[str, Any]]


pyproj.sync.get_proj_endpoint() str

URL of the endpoint where PROJ grids are stored.

Return type