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Module for managing the PROJ network settings.
import os
from pathlib import Path
from typing import Union

import certifi

from pyproj._network import (  # noqa: F401 pylint: disable=unused-import

[docs]def set_ca_bundle_path(ca_bundle_path: Union[Path, str, bool, None] = None) -> None: """ .. versionadded:: 3.0.0 Sets the path to the CA Bundle used by the `curl` built into PROJ when PROJ network is enabled. Environment variables: - PROJ_CURL_CA_BUNDLE - CURL_CA_BUNDLE - SSL_CERT_FILE Parameters ---------- ca_bundle_path: Union[Path, str, bool, None], optional Default is None, which only uses the `certifi` package path as a fallback if the environment variables are not set. If a path is passed in, then that will be the path used. If it is set to True, then it will default to using the path provied by the `certifi` package. If it is set to False or an empty string then it will default to the system settings or environment variables. """ env_var_names = ("PROJ_CURL_CA_BUNDLE", "CURL_CA_BUNDLE", "SSL_CERT_FILE") if ca_bundle_path is False: # need to reset CA Bundle path to use system settings # or environment variables because it # could have been changed by the user previously ca_bundle_path = "" elif isinstance(ca_bundle_path, (str, Path)): ca_bundle_path = str(ca_bundle_path) elif (ca_bundle_path is True) or not any( env_var_name in os.environ for env_var_name in env_var_names ): ca_bundle_path = certifi.where() else: # reset CA Bundle path to use system settings # or environment variables ca_bundle_path = "" _set_ca_bundle_path(ca_bundle_path)